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                          First Aid and Safety Supplies

Burn Safety Kits

Safety Goggles

Alcohol Wipes




Bandages & Guaze


   PPE             Items



Safety mask

Cold / Hot Pack

Blood Sugar Monitor




Latex-Vinyl Gloves

Safety Helmets

   Safety          Vest



Alcohol Pads

First Aid Kit 

 Industrial   Gloves



We offer Vocational Training, Corporate Training, Professional Development, Dental Assisting, Personal Home Care Aide, OSHA 10 and OSHA 30, Lean management, Leadership Classes, Workplace Safety, Soft Skill Training,  Lock Out Tag out, Fire Safety, Manufacturing Training, Industrial Readiness and much more. Call for more information and prices. 



Our mission is to offer various training to individuals and businesses.  These available courses will assist in career advancement and workplace longevity. Our courses are designed to educate those in various areas of the workforce. We cater to the job market, creating programs that are in demand.


Our business consultants can assist your company with approved training for your employees and management team.


Rock Bridge Training Institute offers a broad range of first aid and safety supplies to meet your company needs. Whether big or small, our sales team will work with precision, in accordance with the required OSHA standards to get the correct items. You can rely on us to get the supplies done right!


Since we also offer training in all aspects of "workplace safety" our goal is to keep you current on required supplies. Therefore having the correct items for first aid and safety are imperative. 

We are registered with SAM and will contract as needed. Our NAICS Codes include 61140 61159 61169 611430 423450 


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