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         Phlebotomy Laboratory Technician 


Rock Bridge Training Institute is dedicated to improving lives through excellence in creative work service training.  Rock Bridge plays a critical leadership role by promoting training options for those seeking advancement in career advancement.  Phlebotomy training is an option that will ensure workplace longevity.

Our vision is to offer Vocational Training options that are in demand.  We stay competitive and prove that you're serious about your career.  Our certificate programs can help you seek greater opportunities and recognition.  Our Phlebotomy Laboratory Technician students take the National Board exam here on site and we have a fully functioning laboratory for blood draws and sticks. 

What is a Phlebotomist? The definition of a phlebotomist is a health professional who is trained in the process of making an incision or puncture in a vein for purposes of removing or collecting blood.  The phlebotomist may explain the procedure to patients and assist in the recovery of patients with adverse reactions.

The blood may be drawn for analysis in a clinical laboratory, donation, research or for transfusion.  Blood tests are used to diagnose illness, evaluate the effectiveness of medications and determine whether a patient is receiving proper nutrition.


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