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New Forklift Training Class: $250  


29 CFR 1910.178 OSHA standards make sure that all businesses in Louisiana stick to their responsibility of providing proper certification training for their forklift operators to become competent driving the machine. 

If you are an employer who is seeking to provide forklift training for your workers you can contact Rock Bridge's training instructors to conduct the training on-site at your company or you can also send your workers to our training campus. 


If you are an individual who is seeking a career in this field, you can take the forklift training class at Rock Bridge Training Institute.  There you will be taught many important matters about how to operate the forklift. This 8 hour course is new with more details and more hands on. This class may be an 8am - 4pm or it may be divided into two nights. 


If you are an employer or an individual, you can follow this guide.  Below are steps to take 

1. Classroom Training

One of the OSHA forklift training requirements is classroom-style instruction.  You can do this by sitting in front of an instructor at Rock Bridge in Shreveport La.  Call us to sign up for our OSHA-approved course Forklift Training Course.  318-219-5779

2. Take a Test at the end of the course

To demonstrate that you understand what OSHA requires forklift operators. You will be required to pass a test which will demonstrate knowledge learned.  The Rock Bridge instructor will help you through the testing details and preparation for the test at the end of the 8-hour class. 

Once you complete this part, you will be able to receive your card and OSHA forklift certification.


3. You will receive card after completion.  So, allow us 4 business days, then, come by the school to pick up your card.  

Once you have passed the test and met the required hours of training and knowledge of the material, then upon evaluation will be conducted to comply with OSHA. Upon successful completion, you will receive your certificate and card.


Now that you know how to get OSHA forklift training, don’t you want to get started today with Rock Bridge? Of Course, You Do!!  Your fee for the 8-hour class will be $250.                


Who Would Benefit:

  • Individuals requiring forklift certification
  • Forklift operator trainers
  • Forklift operators
  • Warehouse/shipping/receiving managers
  • Construction site managers
  • Safety managers
  • Safety committee members
  • Operations managers




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