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As a dental assistant, you will not only enjoy increased opportunities in a growing field,

you will also enhance the efficiency of a dental care team.  Our Rock Bridge team will work diligently towards the success of your training.  A portion of your training will be in the classroom and the other portion will be in an actual dental clinic-site.  Dental Assisting is among the top 25 fastest- growing occupations in the United States

                   Dental Assisting- is a 6 Month program 


The duties and responsibilities of a dental assistant vary depending on state regulations, but usually involve a variety of office, patient care, and laboratory duties. Some of the duties you may perform as a dental assistant, as outlined by the American Dental Association (ADA). Assisting a dentist with treatments and procedures. Taking and developing dental radiographs (depending on state requirements).  Preparing and sterilizing dental instruments and equipment.


As a dental assistant, you will have contact with every patient who walks in the dental office, whether it’s by scheduling appointments, taking blood pressure readings or communicating post-surgery instructions. You can make a positive impact on people’s lives by providing them with quality oral healthcare and helping them feel more comfortable. It feels great to be part of such a wonderful career.


                                                                         Make a difference in your life and get enrolled in school. 


Friendly Faces

Clinical Training

Lecture Training

Clinical Training

Team Learning

In addition to working chairside with the dentist, many dental assistants pursue different career                                options after they receive formal training.  

Now accepting applications- Payments made monthly

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